I don’t know what to do

I’ve just lost my grandad. I adored him. It was unexpected and I’m not coping very well. I don’t really have anyone to talk to. My partner hasn’t been supportive and I think it’s time to end it. I’m scared I’ll regret it after the grief but I’m heartbroken I haven’t had the support I know I’d give. Someone please give me some advice.


Hello comiss
Ifeel your pain in more ways than one. I would like to say breath. You are not on your own. Ithought my partner was going to be more supportive as he has lost both his mother and father . So when my mother passed away he showed me very little. But talking to others on here they told me have l though about how my partner is griving it could be his way of prossesing it. You are hurting at the moment and your head and heart are not working together sounds so silly now Ive typed it but trust me. My relationship is not at its best talk to your partner tell him how your feeling and what you would like them to do sounds basic but somethime they don’t know either sending much love hope this help and keep reaching out we are alway listening xxx


Keep strong. Are there any other people you can turn to? It may be that you need some form of bereavement counselling. Remember you are not alone. Keep posting here

Hi comiss
have you been to the doctors they can give you the beat medical advice sendingmuch love xxx

Hi Comiss, as a grandad I can only say that I would not want any of my family to be suffering from grief, not my kids and certainly not the grandkids.
Following my wife’s sudden death, I have spoken to my kids and older grandkids about my thoughts and wishes both with regards to her and myself, we don’t spend our lives loving people while here and we do not want them upset when we leave, of this I’m certain.
Speak with your GP and look at counselling maybe
Very best wishes x

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