I don’t no what to do

I lost my mum in march so it’s coming up to a year soon …. When my mum took poorly I was her next of kin I’m the youngest of my mums 5 children so when things had to be talked about or phone calls I got the calls …… so the hospital rang me and was talking about how poorly mum was and they wanted to no if I would agree to do a DNR at the time I didn’t no what it was but after I found out I agreeed and also agreed for her not to b put on a ventilator …. Now I’m sat here thinking what if I said to them to bring her back if they could would I have more time would it have changed anything …. I could of got one more last hug my heads a mess

Hi @Michellebam

I am sorry to hear that you had to do deal with all those super hard decisions and shows your strength that you managed it even with support x

The one question I would ask is would your mum have wanted to be kept alive on a ventilator? Or would she, like my mum, have hated that idea and despite it being the hardest thing to do ever made the right call not to?

Yes you may have had more time with her but what quality would it have been? Would those last days memories overshadow the many great memories you have had over the years?

I hope I have no upset you as not my intention.

Stay safe and as positive as you can during this hard time,

Suzanne x