I Don't Believe Time Heals Everything (Melinda Caroline)

I don’t believe time heals everything
It helps, it does
After a while you won’t cry about it all the time
It won’t consume your every thought anymore
You do get better
You’ll laugh and smile
You’ll even have a lot of great days
But it’s still there
You just learn to live with it
This is how things are now
But that doesn’t mean it ever goes away
It’s still deep in your soul
Still makes you cry when you think about it too much
Still stops you in your tracks when something reminds you of it
You’ll have those moments where your heart hurts really bad
I don’t think time heals everything
Sure, it gets better
But it’s a scar that never goes away
A broken bone that still aches on rainy days


So well said. Thank you.x

You’re most welcome.
It does take time though, doesn’t it?
Take care.


Everyone says time is a great healer.

It’s not. It builds scar tissue around the wound so it’s not as painful but the wound is still there.


Thank you. That’s so true.

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Very true , mine is still raw but I can see this coming as time passes

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Thank you @sad2

Every sentence is spot on!

The hardest part, is learning to live with it.

Take care
Amy x

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