I dont even know what day t is...

True, i dont even know what day it is, every day just seems the same to me now…I have to admit as i am walking around my home telling this to Richard i can just see him smiling as he is saying to me, " so whats new…" he has heard this all before…but in all honesty every day now to me is the same, empty and void since my Richard is with me no more, well in body but i hope and pray he is with me inside this home in spirit…like the rest of us on our bereavement forum, i would give absolutely anything to have him back with me again minus his health issue leading to his sudden and untimely death…

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Sending Hugs xx

Dear Jackie,
I do understand what you mean, I get mixed up with days in the week, I am sure that is all part of grieving.
Take care, Jackie, I am pretty sure that your beloved Richard would want you to live again.

Dear Jackie
After my husbands MRI scan he only lived 6 weeks, he had never complained of being ill, and was eating well, working in the garden. I nursed him at him with help of our district nurses. He had a hospital bed and we could hold hands as it was tight next to the big bed.
Last week the Access to Health sent me the CD-ROM showing his brain tumours and all the reports on his diagnosis. I have read them but my granddaughter who is a neurologist looked at the CD-ROM and said the amount of tumours were horrendous. How could my poor man have lived through this going on and not complained. The last few days of his life he lost his speech but understood and would shake or nod his head . I ask him to help me, as I know I’m doing things wrong. I hadn’t touched the money in his wallet as it felt like stealing. But last week I bought some US dollars for my granddaughter in the army to take with her deployment in South America. I knew he would want me to use some of the money for that. I felt he had nudged me to do it .