I dont see the point?

Almost 3 years ago i lost my devoted husband David,and since then its been nothing but worry and responsibility.
We have a business, but David was the one with the ability to handle anything that comes our way.
The amount of problems, mentally and financially has been horrendous, and i dont say that lightly, it has brought me to the brink, its almost like someone has put a curse on me, and just yesterday a huge dividing wall collapsed between me and next door, had anyone been walking by they would have been killed, and now my insurance say they dont cover me for outside walls, and this is just one example of how its been for 3 years.
I do put on a brave face, but its becoming increasingly hard to do.
I really dont want to be here, for without my David I am lost and see nothing positive for the future.
I should perhaps say were were a gay couple, and absolutely devoted for over 30 years, but of course it wasn’t always plain sailing for we did have our differences, and that again weighs heavily on me…could I have been better.?


Dear @Rhody,
You are certainly going through a tough time without your beloved husband and I am sorry that you are feeling like the world is against you. Life has this awful habit of kicking us when we are down.
Would you be able to call the Samaritans? They can’t solve anything but just talking to someone is sometimes helpful. They may also be able to sign post you to some help.
Please keep posting as there will be others on here that may be able to suggest some support for you.
Sending a hug in the hope it helps to know there are people here that care about each other
Jen x

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