I feel alone and troubled

My dad battled cancer for 2 years before he had a stroke brought on by his cancer which he died from in march 2017.
I have started to think I’m getting symptoms he battled for over 20 years
I have lots of nose bleeding, I forget simple things, and I have been getting twitches in my legs and arms for the last year.
I am worried about going the same way as my dad.
I see my doctor on Thursday to discuss an x-ray of my neck to see if I need to have a brain scan.

Hello Shana, it’s understandable you are feeling so troubled and you are probably feeling very apprehensive about the Drs appointment I imagine. Things always seem more frightening as well when you are not able to share them, at least talking about things here is something. You’ve had the fortitude and presence of mind to get yourself checked over rather than continue to suffer in silence and hopefully all will be OK when you go, I truly hope so. I won’t say try not to worry, it’s impossible I know, but whilst you are waiting try to take it easy. I wish you all the best and hopefully you’ll be back next week to say everything is fine.

Thanks Tina 19
I feel better talking here.
I will let you know how it goes

All the best xx