I feel hopeless

I lost my husband 6 April 2020 to covid. Since then I have felt lost and totally overwhelmed. Everything has got too much for me. I am dealing with the loss my own way but people think I am coping quite well. I have been on holidays (to get away from my life). I try not to burden my adult children and my family. I need to be on my own. My house has become too much as it is a large council house that needs a lot of renovation as I had to delay the repair while I cared for my father and then my mother who died Dec 2019. I had to empty a storage unit and a motor home when my husband died so my house is severely cluttered. I’m trying to get organised very slowly.
I miss my husband so very much. I was with him since we were 15. I have just turned 62.
Does it get better, I have stopped cooking and finding food unappealing I know I need to eat properly as I am diabetic, I take it one day at a time mainly ready meals
My husband left me a bit of money so can’t apply for any benefits so it’s going down pretty quick. I’m worried about what will happen when I have no money left.
I try to do what people say go out for a walk every day and eat healthy but I find it very hard
I just hope it gets easier to get up each morning and one day I will be able to stop crying. I’m sorry about how long this is but needed to get it down. Thank you.


I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the heartache. My husband died ten months ago. He had a cardiac arrest We had been together for twenty years.

Don’t worry about the money. Once it has reached a certain level apply for benefits. Only when you feel able to work look for something you may like to do.

The loss is huge and we will eventually learn to live with our grief. How long that takes I can’t say. It the price we all pay for loving someone so deeply

I have happy meals all the time. Just buy the healthy ones. Take care x


Thank you for replying. :heart:

Once your money gets to a certain limit you can apply for a lot of things try to stay strong lv annie x x