I feel I can’t go on

I lost my beautiful wife just 7 weeks ago and I’m starting to struggle now I’m missing her so bad she was my life ,my world and I could not of asked for a better wife or mother to our boys but now all I think of is wanting to be with her life has no meaning no more I don’t live I just exist now taken so young and with short notice I didn’t know that was our last day together or I would of held in my arms every second can’t see a way for things to get easier each day is just harder


Hi Malc1970
Sorry for your loss.
My partner passed away suddenly in April and I felt exactly the same.As it was at the beginning of lockdown I had to deal with it all on my own.I wanted to join him, what’s the point in life if there is only hurt & pain? If it hadn’t been for my dog I would not have got out of bed every day,she kept me going. I hope you have support around you,I have some but no one understands the grief we feel, that’s why I came here. There are some great threads and everyone totally gets it. 6 months on and it still hurts like hell but hang in there.x

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I’m so very sorry for your loss. Please reach out if you need to - I called cruse this week and they were lovely. You are not alone, please take care. Life can be very cruel but it is still worth living and sometimes it feels that I try to live it as best I can in memory of my loved ones who were taken from me xx

Hi Malc, I also lost my wife and soulmate a few weeks ago. I wish I had some prior notice that we had so little time left together.
Hopefully things will ease as we get used to the grief that now surrounds us

So sorry for your loss, the pain is unbearable at times but you will realise you are stronger than you think but it’s so very hard. I have been through this twice, my first husband died 25 years ago aged 48 and I list my second husband to same disease, cancer, in January. Life us certainly tough but we are not alone m hang in there xx

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Hello Malc1970, Another Malc here. My wife passed away in mid August and I have been crying most days since then. People have been really kind and this forum has helped me a lot. We were both in our mid 60s and had looked after each other since retiring. She was my life too, she had been ill with hip pain but an infection got into her system and her passing was very sudden. I think this site is good because no one judges you and people do try to help you from their own experiences. It is very difficult just getting through each day and I hope that your pain eases a little as time passes.

im feeling the same way I lost my 18 yr old daughter to cancer 5 weeks ago and reading your post I would have wrote the same thing, I can’t seem to shake my head straight the only thing keeping me going is the family I have left, but it is getting harder, today has been really bad the pain is too much and I feel yours too ,im hoping this community can help me in any way because I need it ,sorry for your loss malc1970

Hi malc
Thank you my wife was 54 I’m 50 she was diagnosed with cancer 2nd July this year and passed away the 23rd august we had so many plans for the future as our youngest turned 16 this year so it was time for us to do things together but all was stolen from us by this awful disease 7 weeks from diagnosis to death I’m sure things will get better but it’s getting to that stage Like yourself I just cry and want to see her face hear her voice etc but that’s not going to happen Everything I do or look at in the house reminds me of her coming home is hard knowing she not there all these things you take for granted it’s true what they say you don’t realise what Love you have until it’s gone

Thanks again

Thank you and yes I agree it gets harder each day and family is all that keeps me going my wife passed 7 weeks ago after being diagnosed with cancer in July spread so fast it’s a awful disease but if you want to chat anytime I’m here to listen look after your self and I’m so sorry for your loss


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Hi Malc, my hubby passed away in my arms just 4 months ago! Very suddenly, and he’s left a gaping hole in our lives that of me and our two children x He had a massive cardiac arrest in front of me and I tried my hardest to keep him with me, unfortunately to no avail x
All I can say is, we have to keep strong for our children but we also have to reach out xx and that is what this site is for xx bless you xxx


Me too.!
Me too!
Me too!