I feel i cant go on

Hey i lost my sister 3 weeks ago and the pain is unreal. We spent almost every day together over the past 12 years. Most of our lives we followed each other around. Im absolutely devastated. I cant even get a date sorted for her funeral as the coroner wants to do a post-mortem. Everyday the pain gets so bad i cant breathe. It all feels so wrong x


Hi @Rachel6776,
Loosing someone you were so close to is heartbreaking, & has no doubt left a big hole in your life. When someone we love passes, it’s a big shock, & it can be hard to cope with such a big change. Setting a date for the funeral is a big step in admitting that they are gone, but we will always carry the people we love in our hearts, & will always have those special memories of them. Sending hugs of support.


Hi,sorry for the loss of your sister .sending you love. I lost my sister,3 montgs ago she died of suicide .i was very close to her ans tge last 20 years was her carer .
Every day is hard we just have to try.
Hope you can get through each day.


Hi Ann,

I lost my sister to suicide as well. It’s so hard coming to terms with what happened. She was ill for a very long time but the shock of losing her hit me hard. Here if you want to talk x

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