I feel like a robot

Hello, I am new here. I have joined the site this evening. I don’t have many friends I can talk to so I am hoping to be able to share feelings with others in a similar situation here at Sue Ryder.

My Mum died very suddenly 11 days ago now and I am still in shock I think. I don’t think I am ever going to come out of this state of shock. It feels like all this is happening to someone else - I am hardly feeling anything at all.
Totally numb, blocking all thoughts out of my head, I feel totally emotionless, I don’t want to know anything at all about anything and I am trying to carry on as normal.

I would describe myself as a robot at the moment. Does anyone else feel like this?

Yes my mum passed last November, but i feel like it isnt real. I cant begin to believe that she has gone. To me it is not real, i was her carer and saw her everyday.
It is very early days for you, and your mind is orotecting you by making you feel numb. It is alot to take in, and im still feeling like you.
Im so sorry for your loss xxxxxx

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Hello I am new here just joined tonight and seen your post, I have felt like a robot to and described myself as that for a few mth now, I lost my Dad very suddenly just before Christmas last year, and I feel like I get up everyday and “perform” do what others expect me to do, I was breaking down in tears every single morning then throughout the day then after the funeral I went into more of a robot feeling stage where I feel others think I should be ok now, I’m a very strong person and others know and see me as that throughout my life, I feel I don’t want to put my thoughts , feelings , grief onto others some in case I upset them and they may be doing ok and I might make them not ok, so I keep quiet smile and be strong then others I don’t talk in case I’m a burden so I keep it all to myself constantly and live as a robot so I don’t bother anyone so I don’t talk, I don’t always feel I need to but there is lots of times I do want to aswell, I’m so sorry for your loss and for feeling like a robot I think it might be normal aswell as your not alone with that feeling

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