i feel like hell

i had the bad news Then i went to see dad at funeral place which was horrendous experience . had the funeral . I now feel like absolute hell . I am wrecked and hurting It seems to be getting worse . I did all the right things dedicated trees to him and guide dogs to his memory . being on my own and trying to cope is just very difficult

Hi sorry about the loss of your dad. I can relate to being on your own and trying to cope is incredibly difficult. I lost my mum last year. For the most part been alone dealing with it. Has been so hard. Your not alone here post as often as you need to.

thanks for replying . I keep a candle lit for him all day Its was a bit of comfort . I put up photos of where he took me That brought some comfort But after seeing him in funeral home which was dreadful and dad looked awful and i couldnt believe it was him Everything feels worse and nothing i used to do is a comfort. Today i got the certificate through for having his name engraved on a memorial Heart sculpture with Heart Foundation . I thought it might help but didnt .Theres no one to talk to as my family have been very cruel played some very nasty games . They refused to phone me when dad was dying so they wouldnt let me say good bye
theres just no comfort just loss and pain

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seek counseling as soon as you can. I did almost right away and it saved me. he let me cry and cry and I knew I was safe in that counseling room. :gift_heart: