I feel like I am losing my mind after my mum's death

Hi I’m new to this community my mum died at the end of may to add to it my aunt died a few weeks ago and I thought I was coping but I don’t know what sparked it but I have suddenly felt like I can’t cope with work or the smallest things I also look after my dad who has parkingsons my husband is amazing but I feel like I’m losing my mung and that I’m letting my family down somehow by feeling like I need to take some time out I’m I been in stupid or is all this normal I feel like I’m losing my mind

Hello Jaynos

No of course you are not losing your mind! I lost my Mum in the summer and find it is a complete rollercoaster, don’t know how i will feel from day to day when i wake up. Take each day slowly if you need to and ask for help if you have to. Your poor Dad must be feeling things very hard and it is all to easy to try and be brave and neglect yourself.

Cyber hugs

Thank you Mel your kind words really do help I need to stop beating myself up and do things to help myself as well as others

Hi Jaynos

It certainly sounds as if both you and your husband need some time out, take it and you will be all the better for your family for it. My wife died 6 months after diagnosis but even in that short time the medical caring had got in the way of our relationship with each other and I didn’t realise until too late. As I think Mel said, get that outside help, can the Parkinson charity offer any advice or assistance? All the best.

I have contacted my boss and told him the situation and that I need some time of to get the help I need how understanding he will be I don’t know but all I know is I can’t carry on this way I have never felt so I’ll or so lost

Hi Jaynos

Glad to hear you’ve got the ball rolling, it might help to talk to someone at somewhere like Cruse? Enough of advice from someone who never listens till too late, I’m sending you a hug instead.

I’m a bit like that myself I should have done something a few months ago instead of bottling things up think It will go away thank you for your kind words it really is helping to have other people who are in the same situation big hug to you

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