I feel lost

I cant believe that 18 months could change my life so much. In July 2018 after a short illness I lost my wonderful mum. She was the glue to our family and kept us all on track . My father was devastated and after being 60 years married I worried he wouldn’t cope without her. But then 13 months later we lost him also to cancer. My only consolation to this is that I know he is dancing with my mum in heaven.
In January 2019 my darling husband had a stroke at the tender age of 51 and just when I thought we were coping with this trauma my sister who had been on Kidney Dialysis for 4 years felt that she had had enough pain and treatment and she decided she wanted to be with our parents and she ended her treatment. She passed away 4 days following her final treatment session in January 2020. my heart breaks EVERY minute of EVERY day and I cry all the time. We were so close as a family and I miss them all terribly, I feel them everywhere, this pain is dreadful, I feel lost and that I will never recover from this loss.

Hi Jacqui,

I’m so sorry to see all the losses you have suffered.
I have lost both parents- my dad from a massive heart attack when he was 53 and my beloved mum, who was relatively fit and apparently healthy, from a major brain haemorrhage in june. She was 74.
I am so lost without them but am lucky enough to have my partner and a 13 year old daughter.
Have you other family members for support?

Hi Cheryl
Thank you and I’m so sorry for your loss its heartbreaking
I have my husband and 2 wonderful children who have now left home. Sometimes I feel I have to be strong for their benefit, and in front of them I am.

How is your husband after his stroke?
My mum had a mini stroke on the 2nd june, then a major one on the 13th which she didnt recover from dying the next day. My mums carotid artery was found to be 95 percent blocked and she was strongly advised to have surgery. She was so happy to have the op but she suffered the brain hemorrhage in the recovery room. I often wonder why.

Hubby is doing well at the minute Cheryl with some good days and too many bad ones!!! he is paralyzed down his right hand side
I feel that his saving grace was the fact that he had his stroke in Germany where their experts dealt with the situation promptly
I am sure your mum received the best treatment possible Cheryl and sometimes no matter how hard the experts try they can come across difficult obstacles beyond their control

Yes I expect so. She was so fit and active right up till the day she died and I get quite bitter.
I’m glad your husband is doing ok. I get very worried about strokes. I’m 49 and have had so much stress over the years. I’ve also had high blood pressure since I was 18 (genetic) and now mum has had a major one, I do worry about it x