I feel lost

I feel lost after losing my husband feel numb

I’m so sorry for your loss.
It is very recent. You will somehow learn to cope but it will take time.
Just go with whatever emotions you’re feeling and be kind to yourself.
I’m 15 weeks in now and although there are days I really struggle. There are also days I feel I’m coping.
I’m afraid its a rollercoaster ride. Full of dips and some ups, gradually the dips will lessen and the ups happen more often.

If you have friends and family lean on them and take any support you are offered.

Please keep posting on here, it really helps. Its pulled me out of some dark places. Everyone on here will understand because we are all going through the same. Theres always someone to listen.
You are not alone

Sending you a big hug


Some days I don’t cry try to be strong for my kids and grandkids it hurts so much only buried my husband last Monday

@Lunasandey Please don’t think that you have to stop yourself from crying for the sake of others. You are already being strong by going through all this emotional turmoil. If you suppress your feelings, they will come back and bite you further down the line. You have lost your husband and this is a big deal, it doesn’t need to be downplayed for anyone.