I feel so empty without my soulmate

I’m December I lost my luke to Covid… we have 2 young boys together he was 27 and we have been together 11 years, I just feel empty and lost I have flash backs of him in hospital the sounds of the machines I just wish I could have saved him I just don’t know how to do it without him my children ask for him everyday


Dear Bec

I am so sorry and cried when reading your post. I can only send you and your boys a virtual hug and say that this forum supports us in our darkest and most painful hours. Please take all the support offered and surround yourself with trusted family and friends. xxxxxx


Bec, I am so sorry and I feel for you and your children. Grief hurts and the feeling of being empty is very common. If you think counselling would help both you and your children then please reach out and talk to them. We are all thinking of you and your family and I am sending you blessings. S xx


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