I feel so low

I feel so low. I just want to talk to someone and know what i am going through. After seeing my mum die in front of me i am blaming myself i know there was nothing i could do. But she did so much for me as i suffer from Epilepsy.


Hi Janice, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum and how you’re feeling about it. I understand a little of how you feel as I lost my own mum in March after a late cancer diagnosis and have been blaming myself also.

Please try to not feel guilty, you know you would never do anything intentionally to harm your mum and I’m sure your mum knows that too. I think guilt is a natural feeling during the grieving process though, from what I now understand,

You are definitely not alone, there are many people on this site who will understand how you’re feeling as they have also suffered terrible losses.

Sending you love and strength x


Hi, what you’ve experienced is a trauma so everything you are feeling is entirely understandable. No doubt you did what you could, don’t feel guilty. Give yourself time to process the shock and take each day as it comes. If you read through other posts on this forum you’ll see there are many similar experiences, sadly… Take care xx


Thank you. My mum died of a massive heart attack. I had 2 ambulances that came in the house and heard everything trying to save her life.