I get up each day for you ❤️

I saw this today & it’s very true, apart from the music bit, I still can’t listen to our favourite music or watch some of our favourite TV shows. The reason I get up every day is for My Derek :heart:Xx


This is so inspiring, thank you for sharing. It is hard listening to or watching things we enjoyed together, I still haven’t played “Our song” yet, hopefully one day soon, its 5 mths for me, I’m trying to live for us both now, I’m sure my Chris is beside me with every step I take.
Hugs Chrissy3


this is lovely. thinking of you, you are doing amazing


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Thank you for sharing this. I too haven’t been able to listen to ‘our’ music or watch the tv programmes we shared. It’s over two years now but still hurts.:two_hearts:

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