I got journals...

After listening to the advice of others, particularly you Kate, today I took delivery of my Amaxon order containing 2 journals. The logo on the front says ‘believe in yourself’. So I will. I will also start to write in them from this weekend. I’m sure I’ll fill one in my first ‘session’. I’ve so much ‘stuff’ inside my head that I want to tell my husband. And, he’s going to hear it whether he wants to, or not!

Thank you for the idea and the encouragement. I just needed a few weeks to get myself psyched up for this project. I think I might be a bit excited…That man of mine needs to brace himself!!! x


I have filled one already and am halfway through the 2nd, Tim died 13 weeks ago. Journaling helps me a lot, some days I write pages, some days just 1.

Dear cw13. I was wondering how you journal is going. Are you finding it helpful? Are you finding it a comfort?

Hi Kate, I’m sorry for the late response. I haven’t started it yet. I’ve got it, well 2 in-fact, but for some ‘unknown’ reason I haven’t started to write in it! I’m not sure why, but I’m not sure about much these days. I will let you know though when I do…

Thank you for asking and I hope today is one of your more manageable and better days. One of those days when you sing!!!

Love to you xx

Sweet girl, thank you. I hope you’re day goes as well as it can also. Sending you love xx