I hate sundays

Another weekend, Sundays are awful, my wife passed away 5 weeks ago today, my life is empty and lonely the house is too quiet, we have no family I have one real friend that I see about once or twice a week I can’t keep bothering her, I hope things will get better some days are less worse than others I spoke to one person yesterday and probably no one today.


Hello , i hate weekends too, especially Sundays . I spend 2 nights a week at my brothers house , rest of time i am alone apart from the occasional visitor . It will a year on Friday since my mum passed , never get used to it but i have to fight on . It is very early days for you but all we can do is take things a day at a time . Take care.
Love Angie xx

Hello pete47, I know weekends are tough and this jubilee has been the worse so far for me .I am trying to cope but weekends now just seem endless I spoke to no one today so I can relate you are not alone please take care kate xxx

Hi Kate88 - thanks for your reply, it’s sad that so many people are affected by grief, in my case just a few weeks since Karen passed away but for many others the grief possibly lasts for years. Until it happens to you you have no idea how deeply it will affect you. I hope the coming week will be better for you.