I have lost both parents in a matter of weeks.

I lost my dad on December 15th 2021 and Mum passed away on 2 January 2022. I am broken can’t stop crying I am all alone with no support.


Hi Kate, my heart goes out to you, you must be devastated, to lose one parent is awful, but both dreadful, you say you have no support, have you no friends that could support you just now, you have come to the right site, as you will get support from people who have been in your situation, there is no easy answer to getting through this, just take a day at a time and accept all help when offered, sending love Jude xx

Hi Kate,

I am beyond devastated for you reading your post especially in such a short timeframe x

Do you have some friends or family close by to help you through this?

We maybe can’t physically be there for you but all here to give an ear and support x

Kate, I understand your devastation. I am completely destroyed by losing my mam 7 weeks ago. I can’t imagine losing both but I cannot imagine I could feel any more alone and empty than I do without her. I can’t get out of bed today. I have no friends and nobody to talk to apart from my very busy therapist because I have panic attacks and am trapped at home. I have found posting here does help. The tears stop eventually because we are physically not able to just keep crying, although it’s not long before it starts again. You will have waves of desperation and I keep wanting to go back in time to years ago, playing out happy memories in the garden with mam that then make me so upset again I can’t bear to think of her or look at her photos. I won’t be much help in making you feel better because I can’t do that for myself. But I understand completely your desperation in wanting them back and not knowing how to make it stop.
So message me and I will always get back to you. If I fall asleep it’s never for very long because I’ve run out of sleeping tablets. I’m so sorry Kate. I know what it feels like to be totally alone, even though my dad and sisters are still here. They can’t understand why I am so distraught and think I should be on pills to dilute my grief but I refuse to do that. Whatever you are feeling and for however long is natural. Keep posting and it’s true that getting through the next hour and then afternoon into the evening is all you can do. I couldn’t even watch tv at first but put it on at night just to break up the nothingness. It’s dark again and I haven’t even got out of bed today. I don’t know where the time has gone or how I’ve got to be 7 weeks later (mam left on 25 Nov). It’s all a blur. I didn’t have to do anything about planning the funeral, paperwork etc because my brother in law took charge of everything. I don’t know who you would get advice from for that. Ask here and someone will help you. I can only post about how destroyed I am. Thinking of you. Much love Christine xxx

Hi Kate. I can so relate to how your feeling. I lost my mum 9th March last year then a few weeks later my dad started to get ill and he passed 9th July.
It’s devastating and I’m finding it harder as time goes on

thank you for your kind reply every day is still hard.
Kate x

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