I have lost my beautiful dog Misty Misty

I have just had to have my beloved dog Misty put to sleep she was my best friend and companion for 14yrs she was with me when my husband Peter died of covid in 2020 he was her daddy and she missed him so much she kept me going though having to move house after he died and the stress that entailed I am heartbroken and don’t feel I can go on anymore she was my reason for getting up in the morning to take her for her walkies. I have lost so much in the last 2 years whats the point in going on.


Hi Tillwemeetagain. Thank you for your reply as you say not everyone understands the attachment we have with our pets my kids don’t and thats whats hurting me at the moment not one of my 4 kids have rang me to see how I am after the hard decision I have had to make today I feel they are jealous that I could care so much for my lovely dog. I have had problems with this particular vets in the past but the ones who came were really good. I feel I did the right thing but it doesn’t help.

Awwwww Jen. I am so very sorry about you losing Misty. The death of a pet is hard anyway, but when they have been through so much with you it is unbearable.
As to you asking what is the point in carrying on, I don’t really have an answer…we just have to carry on I guess, as what’s the alternative? That doesn’t bear thinking about.
Please know that others feel the same and care about your loss.
I really hope you’re ok.
Janey x

Hi janey . Thank you for your kind words I know I have to carry on as I have another dog his name is Drift he is getting old now he is looking for Misty i am crying so much writing this my heart is broken for all I have lost. Thank you for caring about me. Jenny x


Hi Tileemeetagain. I have always preferred animals to people as you say they give unconditional love and are there for you when others are not. I have another dog called Drift so have to be here for him but no dog can replace my Misty. x

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