I Heard Your Voice In The Wind Today

I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face.
The warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood silently in place.

I felt your touch in the sun today as its warmth filled the sky.
I closed my eyes for your embrace and my spirit soared high.

I saw your eyes in the window pane as I watched the falling rain.
It seemed as each raindrop fell it quietly said your name.

I held you close in my heart today it made me feel complete.
You may have died but you are not gone, you will always be part of me.

As long as the sun shines, the wind blows, the rain falls you will live on inside of me
for that is all my heart knows.


Sad2, yes your poem speaks for so many of us and yes, our loved ones always life on in us, part of them in us. Take care and look after yourself. Once again many thanks xx

what a beautiful poem it says every thing there is to say. xx

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Thank you.
Sitting here again thinking and crying. it just breaks my heart because I miss Alan so much. Just keep asking myself WHY did he have to leave me. What have I done to deserve this pain?
We had so many more good and happy days to look forward to. Now nothing.
We are all suffering here I know, and it’s not getting any easier. Life will never be the same. x

Dear Sad2

Your poem is beautiful and summarises everything I feel in choosing the site to spread his ashes. A beautiful beach on the Northumberland coast so that whatever day I visit I hope to feel my husband is with me until I am able to join him.

I have similar questions and feelings. I often feel as if he has abandoned me. Plans and trips will never be achieved. Wedding anniversary tomorrow - 39 years. When we got married we had nothing but each other and that was all that mattered. Six months on and I continue to struggle without him.

Take care.

A friend sent this poem to me and I read it out when we scattered Brian’s ashes in the grave of his beloved grandparents. I changed the words to seem as if he was saying them to me. I added another line which was.
“Turn around and I am behind you.”
I always look behind me when I go to the grave.

Many thanks