I just can't cope with guilt

I’m righting hoping that someone can help or give me information I lost my brother in January I’ve been trying to get his ashes put in with my grandfather i thought with my grandfather working down the mines working as a pitman for all them years and lost his life due to working down to mine he had black lung I thought I could get help paying for my brother to but in with him but I’ve went round in circles and have got nowhere I lost both of my parents several years ago I did get help towards my brother funeral I had to put the rest I put my savings it wasn’t alot but I haven’t got a penny left in my bank and still haven’t got my brother’s ashes in with his grandfather i found out by the coroner it was down to his diabetes not managed me and my brother tryed to get his medication and insulin but the receptionist at the doctor’s said he needed a review he passed 5 days after moving into his new home he got appointment at the doctor’s but he got a flu shot I never seen any medication and insulin in his new home I wish I done something maybe try to get his medication the regret I have and I still can’t put him with his grandfather it costs£250 just to put his ashes in with him grandfather then £900 to purchase my grandfather plot that’s to put pots and stones down I can’t even afford to put his ashes in the ground I cry day and night it just seems to get worse my mental health is really bad I’m just starting to get help for that again as the last woman I was speaking to left I no people are having really hard times on hear and people can’t afford to help someone they don’t even no if anyone can please help or no how I can get help I would be very grateful for any help available I just hope I can get better and get my brother put with his grandfather :broken_heart::innocent::strawberry:

Hello Poppy, I am so very sorry for you and now being on your own is difficult. You seemed to have had a lovely family which will make it even harder for you. I have read your post twice just to make sure I understand what you want and what has happened because there is so much for you to deal with. The one thing at came to me was why bury your brother ashes? My husbands ashes was scattered where he played as a child and it cost nothing, in time they will work there way down into the soil and in your case end up with his grandfather. I know it will depend on where your grandfathers buried but just putting a flower or plant near by may be sufficient for you to feel that they are together and you feel happier about what’s gone on over the past few months. It’s just a thought. Please look after yourself because you are precious. S xx

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