I just want him.

So it’s ten weeks on Wednesday since my OH passed completely out of the blue.
The times where there’s only one person in the entire world you want and they’re not there are so hard. The longing for him is unbearable at times. Sometimes I’ll be out and about or in work and I can feel the emotions coming up and I say to myself “I just want him” :broken_heart:
I miss him so much.

I realise however much I miss him I have no option but to try and make the best of my life. I need some purpose to life because at the minute I just plod on because I have to. Time stops for no man as they say. I see friends for coffee and a chat or a bit of shopping etc but I really want to do enjoyable, meaningful things again I just don’t know where to start. Any tips? :slight_smile:


@LostLil 7 weeks for me. Like you I am just going through the motions. I make an effort to go out and meet people but everything seems so pointless. I don’t know how anything will ever be enjoyable again. Sending hugs


It’s hard to be stuck in a world where the only person you want isn’t here. I don’t want to just go through the motions until I die. I would like to feel content with life again one day. It’s just so hard right now :disappointed:


Hi everyone its such early days for all of us .6weeks for me.And i struggle to see this pain and loss ever getting easier .Just go threw the motions . The only time i go out is food shopping and that is a nighmare on my own memories every where couples every where im so lonely without him dont want to go on tbh but no choice its hell on bloody earth every day hugs to you all xxx


@Jan17 @LostLil

The same I pop to shops with family or friends & pretend to be ok but inside I’m not coping . When I actually stop and remember I’ll never ever see him again ( rather than he’s passed ) like actually NEVER EVER see him I just can’t imagine . I just wa t my time to come as this ‘pretending & trying to be strong ‘ is just exhausting :broken_heart::sleepy::sleepy: xxx



It really really is :sleepy::broken_heart:

Sending hugs xxx