I just wrote this poem

Hello, I’m new here. I lost my son on 22nd July. He was a big Star Wars and sci-fi fan. This is a poem have have written for his eulogy. I hope it may bring someone else some comfort.

Journey among the stars

Look up in wonder when you see the skies tonight,
I’m in another galaxy, starting a new life.
Far away, among the stars, travelling through time and light,
Sharing immortal love by infinite flight.
Love is an eternal journey, seeking adventures, everlasting freedom waits.

Far across the silver supermoon, illuminating worlds and skies,
I fly strong and free, everything I’ve ever wanted,
Still unchanged, but now I’m just me.
A time traveller through years and light,
Look for me across the stars tonight.

Travelling far and wide, through boundless space and time,
Searching, soaring flight, rollercoaster heights!
My love for you too is endless,
Riding across the skies, always with you, forever I’ll shine,
Sending messages of love and pure delight.

See me shine when you look above,
I’m here among the stars.
Shining, always bright and full of love.
Eternity awaits, just watch the moonlit skies.
Life goes on, far away in spirit but always close in heart and mind.

Think of me well, strong, free and able.
I’m never far away, wish me with you
When you need comfort and to hear my voice.
Stare at the celestial heavens and realise there is hope and joy,
I’m still here with you, just in another time and space.




Dear @HazelJ

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your son.

The poem you have written is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the Community.

Take care.


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Hi so sorry for your loss . That is a beautiful written poem for your son . And such a lovely tribute to him . I am sure he will love it . Xtake care x

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Dear Hazelj. Thank you so much for posting your wonderful poem. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband a few weeks ago after being married for 52 years and my life stopped when he went. I will never be how I was and I don’t know how to live without him . I don’t want to live without him so my life has almost finished. Your poem really meant a lot to me. I don’t think life can ever be the same again because being together for more than 50 years can’t be forgotten. Don’t let people tell you you will get back to normal soon because it won’t … this site will help you as it does me. I cry all the time and don’t leave the house but I am just lost. You have to grieve so don’t let people try and stop you. Love Carol


Thank you for your kind welcome Pepsi.

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Thank you Broken2222. I’m certain he would have approved.

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Thank you for your kind words Carol. I wrote the poem this morning after spending all of last night crying into my pillow. Loss of those we love is always hard to bear but we also lose something of ourselves, our life, our very existence suffers from the loss and we are bound to change because of it. I grieve for my son, for the life we both lost and what might have been. I think I have been grieving such a long time now. My Dad died when I was 17, then my Mum 10 years ago. Also I grieved for my son who was told 12 years ago that his new symptoms weren’t a return of his childhood brain tumour but long term effects of the radiation therapy and that this was terminal and that he would not have children or a normal life. He was sad sometimes and so was I but we also had happy times. He took every opportunity to have adventures as they were something to hold onto when life was hard which it frequently was. I hold onto that and take comfort in believing he is still close, sending me signs as I’d asked him to. I talk quietly to him now and then and it gives me strength to know what his reply would’ve been. There is no normal for me and there never has been, the good bits mostly outweigh the bad but when it gets too much, I remember there will be things to enjoy again even if they are only brief snatches of joy, they are something to hang onto and cherish. I will keep his memory alive and that way, I can keep on living even through the dark days.

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