I keep reliving my husband's death

My husband died peacefully at home 8weeks ago. My son, my daughter and I were there holding his hands, with the grandchildren playing in the background. Many would say it was ideal, surrounded by his loved ones, with us telling him we love him. But I am absolutely haunted by the experience. He died on a Sunday, and every Sunday since then I have replayed what happened in my mind. I am dreading this weekend.

Hi Liz

So sorry to hear you have lost your husband. It hasn’t been very long and so you will be experiencing lots of different emotions. I too had the same experience. My husband died unexpectedly in his sleep in October ( on a Sunday) and every week I would replay that day. ( I don’t do it anymore) Lots of people on this site have problems with ‘Sunday’s’ mainly because it’s a ‘family day’ and when we have lost someone it seems to magnify the loneliness. I cope with it by finding something to keep me busy.

Sending you a hug


Thank you for the hug Yvonne!
I had a miserable start to the day so I went and spent 3 hours on my veggie plot - listening to the bees working away, and out in the fresh air has really helped. You’re right, keeping busy does help.
Hugs back

Dear LizE,
I am so very sorry for your loss.
My darling Chrissie died on 12th March this year and I too keep reliving her dying moments. For me this is a daily experience.
Some sedatives from the GP have helped but still difficult to deal with.
All I can say is I understand how you feel so you are not alone.
Best wishes, Blizzard.

It is early days yet and yes you will relive it for some time yet but it will get easier. I have just had the 1st anniversary of my beloved husband passing and for along time I was reliving that morning every day as it was not a very happy ending, but I have come to deal with it the Best as we can. Keeping your self busy is the best way and make the long endless days pass a little quicker. Keep strong and you are not alone here on the forum.

Hello lizE, yvonne, blizzard, barn owl I too relive my son’s death which was at home on a Saturday evening. He was unwell on the Friday and an ambulance called but didn’t take him. I hate the weekends that we used to love but now 11 weeks on we have started to do things even if it’s a coffee out, go for a swim, walk around shops and I am actively trying to not go through the whole thing every weekend. I try to let myself do just a part of the scenario and am gradually lessening the time I spend on this. But we all have to do just what we can do I do feel less panicked this week than before. Hope your all finding some help from this site I know I do.