I lost him now what?

My darling husband died yesterday. He went into hospital Friday morning with and infection and died Saturday afternoon. I don’t know how to function without him. I haven’t told our little boy yet I just don’t know how. He was 38 years old we only had 18 years together, we should have had another 30! I’m so lonely without him.


Welcome Lost, to the saddest group on earth, who no-one wants to join.
It’s far too soon for you to even take in, to believe that it has actually happened.
For me it’s 5 weeks tomorrow and it’s only just sinking in. Cry, cry and cry some more Tell your boy but go gently x
Your young lad will always be part of your husband

This must be such a shock for you. I’m so sorry.
My husband died suddenly aged 55 so I understand how you are feeling but your husband was so young and it will be hard to tell your son, but you must do it. Do you have family support? Lean on the people around you and just try to get through the days.
It gets easier to bear the pain as time passes but it’s a very difficult life without our husbands by our sides.

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Dear @Lostintheeither
I am so sorry to read this and I feel for you. No words will ease your broken heart right now or help with your feeling of loss and loneliness so instead I’m sending a gentle hug
Jen x

Oh bless you honey I know how you feel my husband Died unexpectedly and suddenly on the 12th of this month at 46. It’s the shock of it that’s the worst I’m only just starting to accept what happened. Be kind to yourself cry and try to remember the good times. We are all here for you and know what you are going through xx

Hi Lost
So sorry you are now part of this group
I too lost my husband - 3 weeks ago- he was 49 (1 day after we were given a terminal diagnosis of 6 months)
I am lucky that my children are older - 17 and 24
But we also have a baby granddaughter

It is them who will keep us going x