I lost my 13ye old nephew tragically

I lost my 13year old nephew tragically to suicide due to mental Health over the pandemic
It’s been 9months since he’s passed & still the painful questions from people that know me pop up oh how did it happen & of cause your screaming inside thinking why are you asking me this, I remember the next morning after finding out the night before that he had took his own life, I had old friends form some time back that their sons & daughters went to the same school as him messaging me out the blue to send their condolences & I’d thank them then the age old question of what happened to him

The anger & the hurt of seeing so little of him due to the pandemic has made me extremely bitter & I don’t like the person Iv turned into due to feeling this way

I remember when restrictions were lifted I hadn’t seen him since early March & it was now august but the change in him physically was crazy he’d shot up to around 5ft9/10 & his voice had broken & I remember having slight watery eyes thinking my nephew is growing up so fast & I’m missing out on so much then lockdown came around again before I knew it & I saw him again in the April & that was the last time I saw him before he took his own life in the May, my sister was 9weeks pregnant & she had another little boy now I find myself try to see my 2 nephews & niece as much as I can without trying to smother them but I just can’t help but fell my time was taken away from them all xxx

The pain is still so very hard & I miss him so very much I just wish I’d been able to see him more


Covid has a lot to answer for. So sorry for your loss I think the next pandemic will be mental health one it was dreadful that we could not see our family and friends so much suffering due to being kept apart. I saw my mum because she was in our bubble at the time I don’t know how she would have cope without seeing us . But we all stayed in never went anywhere then my hubby dies anyway not with covid but stayed in for 2 years so he didn’t get it and dies of something unrelated to it. makes me so mad what was the point of it all. We all missed out on so much and how sad for you not seeing your nephew . :cry: . Make the most of your 2 nephew’s and niece and watch them grow up. All the best to your family and remember your young nephew everyday .
And if anyone asks about why this happened just tell them you don’t want to talk about it that’s what I say.

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I am so very sorry for the tragic loss of your young nephew in such heartbreaking circumstances.
You are bound to feel dreadful and wonder why on earth this happened.
The pain you’ll all feel will be almost insurmountable.
My heart breaks for you
The pandemic ruined so many, many lives

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Thank you both for listening

The pandemic has hit everyone so hard this journey has definitely been a difficult 1, they say it gets easier but I don’t think it ever will aleast not any time soon :cry:
I need something to help me focus but all I think about is why & getting angry that I lost so much time with my niece & nephews

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Hi ifeel your hurt and pain my 12 year old son witnessed his best friend killed during the pandemic he was my friends son only 14 it is so hard to just try and carry on when you know someone so young has lost their life :heart:xx