I lost my 24 year old son

on the 26th November my son passed away to stage 4 lung cancer, he was 24 years old, never smoked and was fit and healthy. He last 12 weeks and 3 days from diagnosis. I am truly devastated and heartbroken, this pain is so unbearable, i dont wanna be here anymore, life feels empty, i miss him so much, i dont want to accept that he has gone as the idea of a future without him makes me feel panicky and sick, i just want him back so badly

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I am so sorry for your loss. I know your pain as i lost my son very suddenly last week. I am finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other at the moment. Lets try to support each other xx

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Hi Nathens mum so very sorry for your loss. It is such a shock to you. And theres no words my son sam was 24 .lasted 4 months he had sarcoma which had spread to his bones and lungs .this is my second xmas .lost him last year april.this site has been my life line sorry for your loss. Theres a thread on here lost son at 27 .theres many mums and dads on here at different stages . In there grieve .our children should never go before us .sending uou a hug .love zoe xx

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Elizabeth so very sorry for uour loss like Nathans mum your in great shock . Just to get out of bed is amazing come on here chat say anything someone will answer. Small steps so sorry your on this awful journey .much love zoe xx

Thank you Zoe xx

Its hard, very hard to believe.I lost my son to very treatable non hodgkin’s lymphoma 9 months ago.I get night sweat, cry and when I am alone I shout out his name but he is gone for ever.There is no interest in life left and I keep on thinking life would be amazing if he was alive.
Nights are long and difficult to cope

We are all here to support each other

Hello Ghaz
I know its so awful its no time atall .this pain is like no other .our children should not go before us .nighttime is my worse time …your always waiting thinking there coming in .life is cruel. Its changed us all .just baby sreps be kind to your self big hugs zoe xxx

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Thank you Zoe, you are always there for support xx

Nathan’s mum
Its a very difficult time to loose a child.I know its a shock ans shame that people in 70s and 80s managed to survive with stage 4 lung cancer but not youn adults as cancer cells grow very fast in young.I wish if I would have known when he was at early stage but it was too late and even the stem cell transplant did not work.I am sure they are in peace znd not feeling any pain x

The what ifs and self blame are exhausting. I feel in a daze and stretched beyond my coping ability. This is the only real support i have had. I put on a front for my beautiful grandchildren when i am with them but it’s unbearable.

Hello Elizabeth

There are no eords to describe your pain but I understand just like some mothers who lost their child.I had s perfect life snf I used to get scared thinking something bad would happen as everything can’t bd ghat perfect.

I hear you and feel gutted xxxx

There is always a life after storm but different.
Why was he chosen in millions??
Why are we suffering?
What we did wrong
There is no anwer.
Please reach out.I am here for you.
Sending you a lot of love and strength

To Dear Elizabeth such early days the shock irs such a big trauma no one should suffer loss like this .honestly come on line just chat about anthing .i would be lost without this . Xmas so emotional thinking of you all sending you a hug and a peaceful xmas love zoe :heart:

Thank you Zoe. I do appreciate the support here. I feel like hiding away from the world. I dont want to see people. I just want to sleep.

These are early days.I stayed in my bubble for first three months and just refused seeing people.Every body is different but it helped me a lot as I avoided people talking about him and trying to show their fake sympathy.
Take your time and try some counselling sessions.
We are all going through the same pain unfortunately.
Sending you my love and strength xxx

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Lost my son suddenly in July 21 he was 22
Time does not heal the pain it makes the pain normal
And reset button every January .
But we move on .and survive

I am sorry, I know it doesn’t get better.We blame ourselves.keeping busy works well with me.
Sending you my love x

Hi nathansmum I’m so sorry for your loss I lost my daughter Leah a yr ago on the 26 th of Jan 2022 to breast and liver cancer she was25 yrs old and leaves a little man who will be 4 in Jan. I miss her more than words can say and the empty feeling is unbearable still I try and get through each day the best I can but I’m struggling still sending you hugs XX :heart: