I Lost my 46 year old wife to COVID

Sorry I’m just having one of moments

Hi Ricky

I have read your posts and my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. I haven’t done counselling but have often wondered that I should. Most people who I have spoken to about counselling feel the same it’s all about your rapport with them. So don’t be afraid to change if it’s not working for you. Most people on here will tell you our emotions are all over place. I think the anger is hard to manage, there are days when I just have no patience listening to other people’s trivial issues, it has got better, but can still crop up… I just think we go through different phases then meet them again as we work out this new normal. It’s just a crap journey that we are all on. Keep posting you will get something out of doing that, I know I have. Nobody will judge on here, we all understand. Speak soon x

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Hello viv thanks for your message and I am sorry for your loss to sorry to ask how long ago did your husband past and how are you coping without counselling and what puts you off the idea sorry to ask you a personal question x

Hi Ricky

It’s no problem, my husband died 9 months ago. It was very sudden without warning. The first few months I was on auto pilot as there is just so much to do, and I was in shock it was very surreal.
I wasn’t put off counselling and I often think I should do it. I am lucky that I can get it through work, if I want it I just found different ways to deal with the bad days and there were a few of those. It does get better, it just takes time, small steps. There are some days that are not good Saturdays usually for me.
The most important thing is to talk be it on here or someone who has been through it. For me it was a Mum of my kids friends. She had lost her hubby in similar circumstances a couple years ago I hadn’t spoken to her for years. We went for walks and I talked it through. It felt the same as counselling to me. My neighbour said the same he joined a walking group and just talked as he walked. You can do it on here as well, I do it all the time, everyone will listen, we all know what you are going through. Unfortunately we are all in a club that nobody wants to join, so we support each other. You can chat me anytime, x


Thanks for your response viv i really wish you the best i actually feel the same weekends are crap and truthfully so are evenings the only normality i have is working witch is no fun but now I enjoy just for peace speak soon x