I lost my beautiful wife on the 23 rd December 2017

My wife was diagnosed Renal cell carcinoma on the 6 th September 2917 and told its not the end of the world because you,v got cancer. We will remove your kidney and you will be cured. My wife was 81 years old by the way, She collapsed mid September and taken into hospital with a so called chest infection, and her bloods were all over the place. Although she had cancer she was not treated for that but a chest infection .Try how they might the chest infection could not be tamed and it was discovered that the chest infection did not exist, but was being cloned by her tumour as a chest infection. The kidney specielist called myself my step daughter and my wife into his office and told us that there was to be no treatment but palliative care would be put into place and Christies said no treatment. However the day after a Mc Millen nurse called us all into the same office and told us that Salford Royal would like to offer an M R I scan with a prospect of kidney removal and cured.

My wife went into Salford Royal at the end of September but was not given an MRI and had several more cloned infections in various places and went down hill fast. She was never treated for her cancer untill The Christy aske if the could see Margery to offer some treatment. We took her to Christy at the end of November and Christy offered Arterial Embolisation to take place in mid January 2018. Margery collapsed on the 25 th November and taken into hospital again with a so called cloned infection and on the 1 st December 2017 Margery was transfered into The Hospice but deteriorated over the coming weeks and died on the 23 December 2017

I am sorry to hear of your sad loss nephro -it sounds as if once again its negligence by the NHS -I feel for you and I hope in time the pain will get a lot less for you in time

Hello, I’m so sorry regards g the passing of your wife. My wife also passed away on 23rd December 2017. She was aged 38, we were married for almost 12 years. She died from septisimia arising from a miscarriage. She was in hospital for 5 days. The first two days she was fine but then her hralth deteriorated and she was put ona life support machine. She did not survive and I am completely devastated by her death. We have two young children and i am trying to keep it together for them but it is so difficult as the pain of no longer having her is so intense.

I am so sorry Bhoosh I thought I had problems. My heart goes out to you and your precious children .I have the pain and I am told that it will get better in time. I am going for counselling this afternoon to see if it will help me with that pain . I hope so. Keep strong.

Thank you Nephro. All the best with the counselling. I wouldn’t wish the losses that we have experienced upon on anyone. My pain is bad but when the kids cry for their mum, it becomes so much worse. Your pain is unique to you given the years of memories with your wife. Others want to provide support but unfortunately, and through no fault of their own, they will never know what it truly feels like unless they have experienced the same. When my wife died, part of me died too. I am taking each day at a time and may consider counselling at some stage.

So sorry , i lost my husband 2nd jan unexpectly i have 12 years old son I can understand your pain .

I’m also very sorry about your husband. Life is so cruel. I know that no words can console you and your son. It is very raw and only you know what you are going through. I know that I am struggling to cope and rely on distractions to get me through parts of the day. So sorry.

Hi, i am so sorry for your loss. I understand to some degree what your going through. I myself lost my wife in october 2017, she was 40 years old and we had been together for 20 years…2 of which we were married. She died due to breast cancer and i too am devistated. I also have two young children and am having ro cope with now being a mam and a dad. It does turn your life upsidedown.


I lost my beautiful wife to cancer last August, I am still struggling day to day. Although she was only 56, we had been together for 38 years, it is a hard and difficult journey which I am still treading. Remember the good times and focus on those, it may help.

Hi. Totally agree with what you say about life getting turned upside down. It’s incredibly sad that someone who you talked with and enjoyed life with each day is now a memory. I know that the passing of my wife is a significant and severe loss in my household and no doubt this is the same for you. I cannot say what it’s going to be like going forward as it has only been a month since she went. All I know is that I won’t ever be the same person again and my innocent kids have to go on without their mum. I can only say, continue grieving and take each day at a time. Truly heart breaking.

So sorry for your loss. You had 38 special years with your wife and i have no words for the pain you must be experiencing. I try and focus on the good times but as my wife’s death is still ‘raw’ these thoughts really pull me down. Time is still going on as normal but to me it seems like she passed away only last week despite it being over a month. Struggling to cope and i don’t think my immediate family or my wife’s family appreciate the gravity of what I am going through. I just miss my wife intensely and can feel alone in a crowdes room now.