I lost my beloved sister.

I’m new to this site so bit unsure as what to do, but I lost my beloved sister who was only 50 in January of this year, she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 4 back 2 years ago, & obviously as I am her only sibling supported her through every appointment,chemo,radiotherapy etc…then back last August we were told that it was terminal & it had spread to her brain,kidneys etc… as you can imagine we were devastated… we grew up having deaf parents, so both of us hearing we were very close, I was the older sister… we lost our Mum 11 years ago but our Dad is still with us he’s now 81… he has been very supportive but I worry about him also…she spent her last month in the care of the Sue Rider hospice Cheltenham. I just miss her so much & still feel so sad & angry that she was taken away from us so young.
Just finding it hard that she’s not here anymore as she was my best friend aswell as my little sister…

Hi Sally,

I am sorry to hear about your loss. It must be a very difficult time for you. When we lose someone close to us, it is very painful, when we feel cheated that they died before their time, then coping with our grief can become unbearable. It is totally understandable that you are so sad and angry too.

At this forum you will find people who are suffering just like you are, so please keep posting, and hopefully it will ease your pain slightly.

All the best.

Very sorry to hear that you have lost your little sister Sally. It is such a devastating thing to go through a few years of hope and faith in the treatment being given to your loved one then to suddenly learn that it is not going to help them anyway. It is probably the worst thing to lose your only sibling who was so close too!
Nobody can tell you what to do now, not in this forum or anywhere else. But we can share with you how we coped or how we are coping ourselves. I can tell you that with my own losses the biggest one of all was the loss of my wife of 10 years at age 32. I was crushed and helpless and almost hopeless. The best therapy for me was my faith in God in spite of my anger with Him. I set out to tell people of how good God had been to me in all my life and share the story of my life far and wide. The more I talked about my pain, the better I felt but that took years of crying and pain. I have been to Cheltenham since I lived in Swindon and worked in Oxford and sometimes used to visit Gloucester too but now I reside in Yorkshire. Nonetheless I want to assure you that you should be free to talk to us here or even to me personally if you like. I will always be available to listen and I am familiar with the pain of grief! Wishing you recovery and healing!

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