i lost my dad nearly 3 weeks ago

hi my dad passed bearly 3 weeks ago, his funeral was 2 days ago, im really struggling I watched him die without the care and dignity he deserved in hospital. I was very angry and am finding it hard to stop thinking about what he went through. I play it over and over in my mind.
His care with the funeral parlour gave him his dignity back and we brought him home to spend his last night with us.
Im felling so many emotions like it was something that didnt happen to us and it was surreal to total devastation, im all over the place and feel like im on a huge rollercoaster. I feel awful now the funeral has happened because all the distraction from sorting things has ended, and now i miss him so much and an feeling his loss more than ever. Im trying to also be there for my mum as much as I can

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@Shaz52 sending you some hugs ans love , im sorry for your loss. Please be gentle on you and allow your time to process everything that has happened

@Girlwonder thankyou, the way we feel is so unpredictable i wake wvery morning having a panic attack and it calms down through the day. I hope that you are coping too xx

Hugs , its very early days still

Hi Shaz
Im so sorry for your loss. I have been the same since my mum died suddenly 3 months ago, the panic has been awful. For me i think its because there is nothing i can do to change things. The panic is getting better though, and its very early days for you. Sending hugs

I am so very sorry. I lost my Dad 2 months ago and it still does not feel real and is so painful, i am glad to hear that the funeral parlour was supportive of yours and his wishes and caring. The funeral parlour for my Dad were also very caring and it really helped. Look after yourself and be gentle with yourself, it’s okay to just lay in bed and cry or distract yourself with a movie and tub of ice cream if you need a little relief from the pain.

thankyou @Girlwonder i hope that you will be ok too sebding a big hug

thanks @Loubeelou thats kind, i am really sorry for your loss too, its the worst pain isnt it. I dreampt about my dad last night, which has made me feel anxious this morning, i cant really remember what it was about but i dont think it was good as he was really distressed before he passed away, i hope this doesn’t continue, sending you a big hug xx

goodmorning @Fudge68 , i hope that you are ok, sending you a big hug. Its strange how we feel and its so unpredictable isnt it, i sometimes feel like im watching someone elses life and not my own and then i can be totally devastated :broken_heart: xxxx

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