I lost my dad this year

I lost my dad this year on the 27th july im no copying

Hi Zoey. It’s very difficult in the beginning to find words that will adequately describe your loss. You are reaching out here and you are in the right place. We all know and understand. The pain is often indescribable. But you must give yourself more time.
It’s very much early days and it can be the worse part of grief.
I suggest you read the posts on here and see how others cope. We help each other as best we can.
If you feel emotional, and I’m sure you do, let it out. Never bottle up emotions. It’s a natural process is grief and it has to be allowed to take it’s time.
Please come back and talk if you want. Blessings.

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Thanks jonathan it means a lot n now i have somewhere i can come n talk about how i feel it means so much x

Im so sorry to read your news . My dad died last year and I have bottled up my feelings and grief for all this time and it does nothing but drive you crazy. Talking about it helps i have only been on here from this morning and already i have found talking to people and reading similar stories a great help . Your not alone anymore. Friends and family are a great support but for the lucky ones that have never been through what we have I know they struggle with what to say and how to act around you. Please keep talking dont do what I did and leave it so long. Remember him talk about little things he did.

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