I lost my Dad yesterday

It was very sudden, one moment he’s moaning away that he’s bored in hospital, being his usual cheeky self and nurses telling me he was recovering and the next I get a call that he’s in palliative care and doesn’t have long…rhe next day he was gone.
Of course we were unable to visit because of the lockdown and so I am just in total shock and despair. It hurts so much… I am a mess


Hi, I’m so sorry for the sudden loss of your dad. I lost my beautiful mum in January , luckily it was just before all the lockdown crisis happened so we were able to have her funeral and lay her to rest. I can’t imagine what your going though in terms of losing your dad in a crisis like this. My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. The death of my mum was pretty sudden and it’s not easy been on lockdown constantly having all the hours in the day to mull things over. I hope you find much comfort in his site as I have since my mum passed away, your not alone and people are here to help. Take care

I’m sorry you lost your mum. Thankyou for the reply. Yeah it’s hard because we never got to say goodbye and have to organise a direct cremation. I’ve never experienced grief before and dont have any family to share it with so this group is a godsend right now xx

I can’t imagine how hard the road ahead must seem for you. I don’t really have any family I have my children and partner but no more parents or grandparents uncles aunties or anything. We had my mum cremated but it was what she wanted, she had a small service and I have her ashes at home now, it’s a comfort to me knowing I’ve done something we only spoke about on the phone weeks before her death. I’m sure you will find some great people in this group that may be in the same situation and will understand exactly how your feeling, it’s always nice to talk to people and get your feelings out.x

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Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad back in November and I feel forever grateful that we got him home and to say our final goodbye. His death was very quick too, we were told Tuesday tea time it was end of life care and by Friday evening he was gone. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Here to chat if you need anything x

Thankyou so much :heart: