I lost my daughter suddenly 4wks ago she was a carer she die

My daughter was 40yrs old she died suddenlyin my car while she was at work,she was a carer she phoned me up telling me she was going to be late as she knew i woried about her then i got a phone call 30mins later from her boss saying she was in cardiac arrest my world changed forever

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I’m so sorry take care

I am so sorry for your loss,we never think our children are going to go before us,it is a cruel world . My son died aged 47 from secondary bone cancer all within 3months.That was last July , tried to take care of yourself. I am sending you my prays and :heart:

I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter 7 weeks ago. She passed away from a freak car accident. She was doing a pickup order for Uber Eats.
She jumped out the car ran behind the car not knowing she didn’t have it in park and ended up getting pinned under the car

So sorry, was the car behind going at a speed it could not stop? Love to you all losing a child is the worst thing that could happen

I am so sorry. I have lost an adult daughter and it truly dreadful. It brings pain like no other. I cannot say anything which can ease that pain. All I can say is take each moment as it comes. Small baby steps. I am sending you deep love for your healing journey.