I lost my Grandad

This morning (7th November 2021). I lost my grandad to a major brain bleed which unfortunately killed him. I am full of mixed emotions and really need someone to talk to about it. I can’t understand or comprehend it all at the moment. I just want people that I can reach out to, that I can talk to about my problems

Hi Cheesepuff, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your grandfather, grandparents are such an important part of our lives, you must be in shock at the speed of it all, and wishing you had been able to tell him how much you loved him and what he meant to you, the feelings you are having are normal, it doesn’t make them any easier to cope with, give yourself time to grieve, I do hope you have family around you for support, they probably need support from you as well, take care, love Jude xx

@Cheesepuffs021 I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
I am also struggling with the loss of my nan, although I lost her in may 2020, but I understand your loss is very recent.
I struggle to talk about it with, and thought maybe on here it would be easier to reach out to people that also needed help. Well done on reaching out as that can be a hard step to take so you should be proud of yourself.
I’m new on here so possibly dont have the best advice, but I will say to you, you arent alone. Grief unfortunately touches us all and there will be so many people you can reach out to and talk to.
Take care x


Dear Cheesepuff

I know how you feel. My grandad passed away almost two months now and I’m still living in a parallel world most days. I’m on autopilot when I’m at work or when I go to visit my grandmother and help my auntie look after her. Other days, I’m an emotional wreck.
You need to let yourself grieve but also look after yourself and be there for the rest of your family. Anytime you need to message me, I’m here to listen.
Take care

Allie x