I lost my Grandma and Grandad within 3 weeks of eachother

We lost My Grandma and Grandad at the beginning on the year. We lost my Grandad to his bad heart first which was a shock because my Grandma was the sicker one. She was in the later stages of Dementia (so really we lost her first). But loosing Grandad first was a major blow. On the day of my Grandads funeral my Grandma gave up her fight to join him. Before they passed away they were living in a care home and I hadn’t seen them in person for nearly a year because of covid. We had one 20 minute video call once a week together. I wasn’t even aloud to be there to hold their hands as they passed away, or to have 1 last cuddle with my Grandad which I was so looking forward to because he was more like a Dad than a Grandad. Am still struggling to process the huge loss, its left a big hole. I feel robbed because of covid and neither of them had covid they where negative all the way to the end :black_heart:

I’m so sorry you’ve lost both of your Grandparents in such a small space of time. I’m glad you’ve found this site, as it is a wonderful place to share how you feel. Everyone is very supportive of each other.
Take care.

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Dear MrsMum

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved grandparents. I’ve just recently lost my grandad nearly two months now and I’ve never experienced grief like this ever. I was very close to my grandad as he was like my second dad.
It hasn’t been easy I must confess, but I’ve been helping my auntie and uncle look after my grandma whenever I’m off work and work itself has helped me to take my mind off the pain. I’m still trying to come to terms with my grandad being gone and it still hurts.
You’re in good company here on this forum and you’re not alone. If you want to message me, I’m here to listen.

Take care

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How lovely of you to comment :blush: Am so sorry for your loss, I genuinely get how your feeling. My Grandad was also like my Dad. I have experienced loss of people before, but your right. This greif is something else ot really is :disappointed_relieved: I have my children and being busy with them does help abit. They where my only real set of Grandparents and at nearly 30 I was lucky to have had them for so long, probably the reason it hurts so much. Thank you for your offer its truly lovely and May probably be taken up :blush:


I wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. We very sadly lost my dear, wonderful grandma 4wks ago and I feel like my heart is shattered into a million pieces. I truly understand how you feel.

My gran was taken into hospital after suddenly having a seizure at home and I went to the hospital with her and the doctor told me immediately she would not survive this event. The hardest thing I have ever had to do is tell my mum to get everyone to a&e quickly, we were so blessed to spend her final hours just sitting, holding her hand, just being together. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you being kept apart from your beloved grandparents, truly heartbreaking.

The palliative care nurses reminded me to remember the wonderful times we had together and what a wonderful life my dear gran had, and I’m sure the same for yours too.

It’s very early days so please be gentle and kind to yourself. Remember how truly blessed they were to have not only lovely children of their own, but grandchildren and great grandchildren too. It’s so hard, but you’re not alone, reach out when you need to and remember there is no time limit on grief xx

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