I lost my husband during my pregnancy

My husband died suddenly a month ago with a heart attack. We were expecting our baby and had a very happy life. He was my soulmate, best friend. I can not cope with the emotions as I miss him every moment. He was the only family I had in the UK. I wanted to go with him if I don’t have this child in my belly. It is so hard for me to accept the fact.

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Hello Mrs C, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband and so suddenly as well, it’s hard enough losing your soulmate but when you are pregnant, it just doesn’t bear thinking about, I can’t say anything that’s going to make it any easier, in time I hope you think that the baby is a part of him and therefore give you comfort, I do hope you have plenty of support to help you through this, and that you get some comfort from this site, sending love Jude xx

My daughter was tiny when we her dad died. I can tell you that it’s bittersweet. Mostly I am hugely grateful for her, she is the imagine of him and so cheeky and funny. Sometimes though I feel like she is a walking reminder of the pain and sadness that now dominates my life. I would ever be without her though and there is something comforting about knowing that they live on, our loved ones, in the child we’ve created. Also, and I don’t know where the strength comes from, youll have a renewed purpose - keeping you son/ daughter alive, and well and happy will give you meaning and the hope of a better day. You’ll find the strength you need to get though. I am so sorry for your loss. X

That is truly devastating for you. Having already lost my mother and father I only had my sister left - as i have no children - she died two years ago - if feel lost without her - the feelings of loss just will not go away.
You have a part of your husband in your child and will be able to dote and love that child who will be so blessed to have you. You have so much to carry on for… x

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This is just so tragic, @MrsC. I can’t imagine what you feel like. Have you anyone to help with the legal stuff and all the practicalities? My husband died 2 months ago - I haven’t accepted it and I doubt I ever will. He too was my soulmate and best friend. I believe that he’s somewhere close to me. This feeling may fade but my love for him will last forever. I don’t think the word ‘cope’ means anything in the context of overwhelming loss. I simply struggle through. I can only tell you to be very kind to yourself. Talk, and keep on talking. Arrange counselling, which is free. I’ve heard that there are support groups for young people who’ve lost a partner - there may be one you can join in your area. Cruse will know, if Sue Ryder doesn’t. And please keep on posting here. You will find dozens of people who will listen and try to help. With a cyber-hug, Cxxx

So sorry MrsC.
I lost my husband due to sudden heart attack as well but lucky enough to have our son.
I am on my own in the UK as well but my love’s family is very supportive although I do not want to stay in the UK as everything is reminding me of him. I am thinking going back to my country ( UK is my home as well) for a while but I am in pieces as I do not feel that I am belong to UK or neither Turkey. I was belong to my family xx

Thanks Jude. It is so hard for me to accept. My heart is broken and I miss him every moment. One of our friend is looking after me as I don’t have any families here and his families live far away.

I don’t know whether I am brave enough to bring up this child but this baby is a precious gift that my husband gave it to me. I can not help crying when I am thinking of him.

I feel my whole world upside down. I am lost and not interested in anything in this world. He was the one made me feel grateful to this world but now life is so cruel.

I still can not accept the fact that he is not here anymore. I think he will be somewhere to protect me. The legal things and financial things are hard for me to deal with as he had a mortgage. Thanks for your comfort. X

I am sorry for your loss. My husband and I worked so hard to get together because of the visa. Finally we were together and had a very happy life in the last four years. Life is so unfair and now this country is so strange to me. I don’t know where will I go in the future, but I had so many lovely memories with him in the UK.