I lost my husband

I lost my husband 1 week ago. We had been together for 31 years. I have our children still at home with me.
He died within 17 days of being diagnosed with cancer. I’m not understanding how I’m coping. Why I am not in a heap on the floor. I do get upset and I try to embrace it as I know that you need to let your grief out. I know that we will get through this and come out the other side. I just don’t understand how I’m being so calm about it.

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There’s an element of numbness at the beginning. It doesn’t seem real and there are practicalities to deal with. The chances are this will alter as you move along the journey. Take care and take any support that there is around you,

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Dear Maria 2910,

For you things have all happened so quickly, I’d think you are in shock, take each day as it comes, be kind to yourself, very emotion will emerge in time, it’s good your embracing them, it’s nice you have your children still living at home, that will help give you a purpose to keep putting one foot infront of the other, keep reading posts, they do help, sending hugs . X

I lost my husband to lung cancer 10 weeks after his diagnosis we never had time to process the devastating news and he was gone
Every day is a rollercoaster I feel so guilty if I have a laugh
Most days I’m crying hysterical wanting him back why has he gone why did he leave me
He told me to go on live your life and try to be happy.All of which is virtually impossible

Marie, I was like that in the first few weeks. I was numb with shock. He had died 4 months after a cancer diagnosis but it was much quicker than expected. I cleared out his cupboards, went through photos for the funeral, sorted paperwork. Yes I had the odd cry and my stomach felt weird but I was very calm and I thought level headed. It didn’t last. I think after the funeral I started grieving properly. Just take it as it comes and cope with it as you can.

Thank you. Your messages do help. My stomach has constantly got that nervous feeling. I’ll brace myself for the emotions after the funeral. I really want to be strong for that day.

You probably will be but remember you don’t have to be.