I lost my Mum

Very nice post lynT x

We sometimes have to remember their passing is about them and not our suffering. We get wrapped up in our own emotions and grief. They had to say goodbye to their own life not ours so as in any journey we have to wish them happiness in their final journey and celebrate their life and not mourn their passing. Their bodies had given up on them but their spirit belongs to us because we were their life. Their job was to protect us and guide us and that will continue until our own final journey and until our last breath we continue to breathe theirs

I know Lyn but I’m still not ready to accept that she had to die. The night before she died we sat watching first dates and gogglebox having a right giggle. I had wine she had tea because she was having an operation the following day. She was supposed to come home the following day and live another 15 to 20 years. If she was 90 I would accept her body gave up but at 74 and so full of life I cant.
I do appreciate your kind words though x

It’s your personal journey and only you can experience it and feel it. I felt my dad was too young and full of life. At 80 he was painting and decorating and suddenly hospital and gone in under 2 weeks. The shock doesn’t allow acceptance but I also knew my dad had achieved all he could and that his end of life was meant to be because we can’t unchange what is meant to be. I totally understand how you feel though x

Thanks lyn. X

I do feel it was my mums time - mum dying has bought up memories about my sisters death who was only 51 and my mum had to watch her die and never recovered from it. Mum was amazingly strong to get through that as she was 80 at the time. The only way to find peace is to think they are at peace together now. It is still hard for those left behind but I am sure I will get there as that’s what Mum would want - for those she loved to find peace and happiness

Lyn, I think you are right that Mim was trying to protect us - cracking jokes etc. She was praying g before she died as she was very spiritual - I was praying for her at home - for her not to suffer. And then she went

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