I lost my mum

My mum died 12 weeks ago and We’re devastated. It’s not getting any easier. I’m due back to work soon and I’m so worried about leaving my dad on his own. He’s trying so hard but seems lost. It breaks my heart. We’re all missing mum like crazy x


Dear tulip,

Is there anyone else you can ask to keep an eye on your dad? A family member, or friend or neighbour? I can understand that you worry about him being on his own when you are going back to work. Is it just emotional support he needs, or does he also need help with practical things?
After my dad died, we were very worried about my mum, because after the first few weeks we all had to go back to our own lives. We were able to arrange a care package for her, and she also had a few good neigbours who looked out for her. I hope you will find a solution that will ease the worries you have for your dad, on top of grieving the loss of your mum. xxJo

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Hi Thanks for replying. It’s emotional support really and loneliness