I lost my partner and my home

I lived with my partner for nearly 5 years
We were very happy together and had so many dreams
However in May last year everything changed and she got cancer
For the last 9 months I cared for her every day
It was difficult at times
I got very little support from her family as they carried on life as normal
I often felt alone and unsupported
Then everything changed again
She was admitted to hospital and I was told she would not have long left with me
Then her family took over all of a sudden
They decided they wanted her in a hospice
At that point I was told to move out of my home which she shared together
It was her house not mine
Then I was told I couldn’t visit her at all
Her funeral is in April and I’ve been told to stay away
Luckily I have a very supportive family
I’m struggling to cope not only with losing my partner but not getting any closure
Thank you for reading this
It helps writing it down and sharing i think


@Dadbus that sounds traumatic and I am so sorry your partner has died . Losing your life partner is the worst thing I have ever experienced- I moved out of the home we shared together which was rented . I’m hoping that I may move back there but in the meantime I have temporarily been housed by a housing association. I’m not happy there , but I do think I would not be happy anywhere , due to not having my man with me any more . I simply don’t understand why your partner’s family have been intentionally cruel . This must be making an already difficult time even worse xxx

@Dadbus Oh dear this must have been very tough for you. Families can be so cruel and often they think they know things about your relationship that they just don’t! Guessing if she owned the house they will be thinking about money it’s so very often the way. I think you’re entitled to ask them why they want you to stay away from the funeral.

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Sorry to hear this. Families can be cruel. I think this is all to do with their expectation of money. I really hope she left a will that catered for you.

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Omg @Dadbus as if you are not going through enough as it is, what is wrong with people! I know nothing of no one could stop me attending my loved ones funeral. What are they going to do call the police!! It’s a funeral and you should be allowed to say goodbye at least. I hope you have good support around you.

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You have every right to be at the funeral and nobody can actually stop you. Funerals are public. Hold your head up high and ignore them and go and say your final goodbye. You don’t ever have to see them again after unless by choice. Death brings out the worst in people with not good intentions, usually around money and control. You don’t need that so rise above it


What the hell is wrong with people some are so heartless and cruel this is disgusting.I wish you well and hope you get to the funeral .


How awful, heart rending. I hope it helps in some way to put your feelings on here to people who are truly compassionate and understanding. I had to move out of my partner’s house after he died and I felt like I’d been physically torn away from him. It’s so hard to explain as people think it’s just ‘things’ but I felt closer to him there