I lost my son 5 weeks ago

Hi everyone I’m sarah. I’ve just joined. 5 weeks ago I lost my 20 year old son on my birthday. Sadly he had a progressive neurological condition that had started in his teenage years. Over the last couple years I’ve slowly seen .y son James become a shell of the person he were. He had 15 aspiration pneumonia 3 sepsis brain surgery… and a few intensive cares. This had taken. My sons speech mobility he had a feeding peg catheter bag. He were bed bound and I were looking after James myself. It’s a tragic story.


Dear Sarah

How touched I am to hear the story of your son’s life from you. That you nursed him to the end at home is amazing, because only you know how much it’s cost you, watching him struggle through such terrible illnesses.

There are some good people on here and some will have experienced the death of a child, so can offer valuable support and kindness. Do keep reaching out to us, we are here for you.

If you have times when you need to speak with someone, do call the Samaritans or Cruse, I’ve listed help below.

Samaritans - phone number 116123 - for someone to talk to
Shout - text service 85258 - for anyone who is struggling to cope
Cruse Bereavement- helpline on 0808 808 1677

Our thoughts are with you Sarah,


Hi I’m so very sorry for your lost I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you I lost my husband a year ago and it’s been very hard ,this is a good site to be on lots of support x take care Yvonne keep talking to people about how your feeling don’t hold it inside xx

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