I Love You

I sat with you today you know
I sat right in your chair
I know I could not see you
But I knew that you were there.

I couldn’t hear your voice at all
But I heard every word that was spoken
I sat with you today you know
Calm, yet so heart broken.

I know you follow me around
I have known it from the start
But sometimes I’m afraid to look
So heavy is my heart.

I often feel you touch my face
Or think I feel you near
But when I try to see you
It’s like you just simply disappear.

I love you more and more each day
And beg for you to know
I find it harder every day
Just to let you go,

I sat with you today you know
I’m sure that was your scent
I cannot understand it though
How you just suddenly went.

I’ll sit with you tomorrow
If that’s okay with you
Sometimes if feels the only thing
I still know what to do.

I love you Alan xx


That is truly beautiful, from the heart. Thank you for sharing it.


Yes beautiful


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Feeling like odd today really empty sad lonely .looking across the front room at tina talking to here telling here how I feel. Telling Tina I’m trying to stay positive an strong
But today woke up and really down. Xx miss love miss everything about you xx


Hi @Martin2
I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.
All I can say is try and go with it, tomorrow might be better.
This grief journey is a yo yo of ups and downs.
But be sure we all understand and are ready to listen whenever you want.

Big hugs
Liz x


Thanks liz 5 months now just when I was thinking a little better. Kick in the teeth. X back again not sure I like my life right now. X becoming a stranger to everyone who around xx

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Hi Martin
Its 3 months for me
Please try and stay strong, for Tina, she wouldn’t want you feeling like this. Easy said I know.
I know its hard, I’m the same but I’m trying, sometimes I’m ok and sometimes I’m not. We just have to take what comes I’m afraid.
Don’t push people away they will help if you let them.

Big hugs to you
Liz x

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