I’m angry!

I have just joined and will probably sound completely mad but I can’t get rid of the anger to the world! I’m angry with everything and everyone. My mum died last October after a 7 year battle with cancer. I can’t sleep, eat or function. I was called too late and I didn’t get to hear her talk (which is most of my anger! I could have been called sooner) to say goodbye. She managed a f*** knows when asked about what she was watching. I just can’t cope! I still wait for a text or call from her. I can’t talk to anyone coz I think they think I should be over it by now. Please someone tell me this is normal and advise where I can get some help. Sorry for the rant… I don’t know what this site is about.


@Amberjarrett hi I am so very sorry for your loss. Have you had grief counselling? You try cruse or sue ryder both offer grief counselling. Everyone on here has suffered a loss, so we all understand your pain and heartbreak and we all try to support eachother as best as we can. Keep posting on here you will get support. This is a very caring and understanding community. Sending you a hug x

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Wow thank you for replying… I just don’t feel human… it’s like I’m on another planet. Nothing around me is relevant xx

@Amberjarrett there is no need to thank me. I know what you mean I lost my partner in April and my world has fallen apart. All can say is take one day at a time. That’s what I was advised when I joined here and that’s what I’m still doing. I do hope you have some support around you. Take care and its ok to feel angry

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It certainly doesn’t sound mad. It’s completely normal how you feel under the circumstances.
You need to rant and vent your anger.
As Casey says, please try grief counselling, they will help you, even if it’s just the fact that someone is listening to you and understand what you are going through.
Grief is different for everyone, but all of us on this site understand how dreadful, sad, maddening and tiring it can be. Some days you can feel almost “normal” again, then the next you are plunged into the depths of despair.
Try & look after yourself. We do understand and feel for you.
Janey xx