I’m in agony

I lost the love of my life on Thursday. My beautiful man taken by drugs. So sudden. I didn’t get to save him or say goodbye. I can’t cope with these feelings. I sleep because I’m so exhausted thenwake up and it hits me so hard. I just want him back. I’d give anything to have this last week back and stop this from happening. I’m new here and have been reading some posts and I know I’m not alone


Hello @Olivia01. I feel so sorry for your loss. It is very early days yet but you have come to the right place here. Keep reading the posts and it will give you some perspective of just what grief is and how it affects us. Treat yourself with care and kindness to help you through this sad time.
Love and light. x

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I am so sorry that you are going through this. No words can put things right, but as Jean2 said, keep posting on here. I lost my husband last year and this site has really helped me cope. My family has been amazing, but you really need to talk to someone who has been through this because until you have been through it, you can’t understand. We on here understand how you feel, and you are not alone. Hugs, AnnR xx


I lost my husband of 51 just over a week ago after a short but traumatic illness,havnt had the funeral yet,I’m devastated,my heart is broken,trying to carry on without him,can’t imagine life without him all our plans are gone,loved him so much but didn’t always tell him,thought we still had years,we were so young when we got together x


Should have said 51years of marriage

I’ve just buried Paul. Only had three years together . The pain I feel is horrendous. I can’t imagine how you feel but only a little. Reach out to me if you need to. I think we need to express our feelings. I’m angry and in denial

Olivia01,I thank God Ihave such a wonderful family,couldn’t have carried on without them,Ihave never felt pain like this want to do him proud at his funeral, I have received so many cards and flowers from friends he was such a lovely man x

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