I’m realy struggling to cope with life

I lost my son age 32 in a very tragic way 14 months ago , I suffer with awful nightmares that don’t even go away when I’m awake , I’m so struggling with everyday life

I am so sorry to hear that. Do you have a good support system around you? X

I have a good family but we all get so upset when we talk , I have no outside support & feel so alone

So sorry that you are struggling so…grief is so suffocating at times and you have obviously had an enormous loss. Perhaps it is now time to look for outside support…posting on here is a great first step because everyone really understands and there is so much good will and help throughout the threads…have you seen your GP…are there any support groups in your locality…would the video service offered here be of any use? Reaching out for help is a sign of strength so please don’t give up…take care and let us know how you get on.God bless you and your family x

I think I need to go back to my doctor, the only thing I have been offered is telephone talking , which I couldn’t do , my sons death was very public , he was very well known , I think I struggle with trust as a lot of people just want to no me as I was his mum , I’m going away for the weekend , just to sleep & try & make a plan for next week & find help

Just because he was well known doesn’t make it any different. Your a parent who lost there child. Go back to your doctor and I hope you can find help, when your ready for it. It will be there. You can always talk on here too. Hope you can relax and rest this weekend Maria

Thank you x

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