I’m scared

January 16th 2018 - I miscarried
January 26th 2018 - muma passed away
February 26th 2019 - dads muma passed
February 4th 2020 - dad has passed away

Each one hurts on different levels and in different ways.

My relationship with my daughters father has also broken down so I’m a single mother to a beautiful toddler.
My brother and I have also had a relationship breakdown between us so the only family I have left is my Nanna (mumas mum) who is terminally ill and my grumps.

I’m so scared of losing my grandparents. I’m scared of my daughter not being ok because I haven’t been ok for a long time. I’m scared of asking for help incase I lose her. I’m scared of letting anyone close and losing them. Some days I’m scared to talk to strangers because I I think I’m just going to breakdown.

I miss my muma so much. I just want the world to slow down or stop so I can catch up. But it won’t. And I’m scared.


I’m so sorry that you have lost all those family members. I’ve also lost them all but there was a big gap between my mum and the others. I lost my dads mum in 1996, my mums mum in 1997 and my dad in 1998.
I then lost my beloved mum in june 2019.
I just have my sister now, plus my partner and daughter.
Life is very cruel. Your dad only died yesterday. Have you someone to help with all the plans?
Have you friends or family than can help with your child?
Cheryl x