I’m struggling but I can’t open up to people

My grandad passed away 2 years ago and he looked after me before I was adopted we were really close and I didn’t even cry once but now I’m feeling extremely unhappy it feels like I’m broken

Kell, I’m so pleased you have found this forum, hopefully you will get the support you need, it sounds as if you have just accepted the fact that your grandfather has died, maybe you have been trying to put it to the back of your mind, but now the reality has hit you, everybody’s experience is different, it might to help getting in touch with Cruse, or Sue Ryder has a counselling service, be kind to yourself, things will improve in time xx

Hello Kall, so sorry you feel like this , as Jude said good that you have come onto this site. You will get a lot of good advice and support on here. It’s true that sometimes we suppress our grief for various reasons but at some point it has to surface and we need to let it all out. I wonder if this has to do with COVID-19, as there has been so much sadness and grief all around us and the world has become difficult to cope with because of lockdown. Do you have photos you can look at and cry over, or other mementos, cry your tears now , let them flow as much as you need and as long as you need. Look after yourself, thinking of you .x

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